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Currently watching TV has become a culture in the middle of society, we spend a lot of time in front of TV.
Especially when the holiday, we can spend time in front of the TV more than 5 hours
So much content we see every day, from free to premium paid content

For premium content often makes a lot of people complain because the subscription price is quite expensive, so not a little disappointed with things like this,
Like football broadcasts, which usually have to subscribe to premium packages to be able to watch the football broadcast

Do you experience the problem?
If so, you do not have to worry anymore because the problem already has a solution, which is very innovative and profitable.

Next-generation TV or called TV TWO provides a very innovative solution that offers premium content without subscription fees.
And more interesting is anyone can participate in terms of providing such premium content without any third party interference.

Want to know more about TV TWO?
Okay go ahead


What is TV-TWO?
As described in the whitepaper, TV TWO is a blockchain-based open platform that helps decentralize TV ecosystems to spread overseas TV network oligopoly surplus among Consumers,
Creators, and Advertisers.


What does TV-TWO offer?
Broadly speaking, there are two values that TV TWO offers to the community:
1. Apps for Connected TVs that combine television broadcasts with personalized video streaming
and supported ads that offer premium content on the big screen.
While watching TV linearly via TV-TWO, the video stream can be accessed anytime by pressing Enter on the remote control.

This app sets a new standard for TV ads. Consumers are empowered to share data with advertisers as per their requirements.
Advertisers can take advantage of user data and usage insights to reach consumers with more personalized and relevant messages that lead to user satisfaction and higher return on ad spend.

2. Token for Television (TTV), a token that manages exchange rates between consumers, content providers and advertisers.
Advertisers provide user tokens to watch sponsored videos and share anonymous user data.
Content Provider gets token and insight from users to offer premium video content.
Consumers collect tokens that they can keep in their wallets and offer them in exchange.

TWO TV aims to establish a direct relationship between consumers, content providers and advertisers.
It's a very good goal that gives new innovations in the field of television
To find out how the relationship between consumers, content providers and advertisers you can see the image below


How is the development of TV-TWO products?
As a future TV, TV TWO offers TV applications connected to regular broadcast television consumers.
An easy way to switch to a world with personalized video streams.

You can see the product of TV TWO demo here


Who is the team behind the TV-TWO project?



Token Sales Details
Name: Token for Television
Symbol: TTV
Token Supply for Crowdsale: 500,000,000
Unsold Tokens: Will be burned
Sof Cap: 2,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH
ICO Start: February 24, 2018
ICO End: March 24, 2018


For more information about ICO, please visit the following link:




Name: Akbar
Bitcointalk Username: Suckseed17
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